the missing home screen.

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What if ...

your home screen weren't just a grid of static icons.

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hello relevant.

relevant is a card based interface layer that sits on top of apps, websites and services you use on daily basis, to give you a glance of what’s happening in a frictionless experience.

From checking out the weather, latest news, game scores, to discovering new products, the buzz on social media and even finding places nearby, you can get them all in one place. Simply choose what's relevant to you and you are all set.

You're gonna love it. We promise.

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Relevant 2.0 is now available with great new features: DeepView & SmartMode LEARN MORE


Relevant Cards are customizable, contextually aware and built for sharing.


Fully gesture-based interactions. Drag down to open the library. Swipe right to dismiss views.

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Get a quick glance of what is relevant and open apps/websites in one tap.

sample cards

we believe...

by unbundling applications, and transforming their most essential features to these compact units, we can start connecting different pieces of the web seamlessly together, and create a more fluid and unified internet experience.

A magical experience, evolved around us and the things we care about.

An intelligent fabric that grows with our needs, preferences and expectations to help us make the right decision, at the right time.

Follow us on this journey.

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